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Need help maintaining WordPress? Our WordPress experts have you covered.

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All plans include

  • Credits that go towards tasks completed by our experts
  • Website Recovery
  • Website Backup Protection
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Malware Security Scans
  • Performance Checks
  • Vulnerability Scans
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • Enhanced Website Security
  • SEO Keyword Monitoring
  • Client Reports
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1 monthly credit
£ 37.99 /month
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    1 Monthly Credit
    Daily Backups
    Monthly Scans
    Monthly Checks
    Monthly Reports
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5 monthly credits
£ 76.99 /month
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    5 Monthly Credits
    Daily Backups
    Daily Checks
    Weekly Checks
    Monthly Reports
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Renews £37.99 /mo
1 monthly credit.
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Renews £61.99 /mo
3 monthly credits.
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Renews £76.99 /mo
5 monthly credits.
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Renews £115.99 /mo
10 monthly credits.
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Monthly Credits*
1 Credit 3 Credits 5 Credits 10 Credits
Website Recovery
Website Backup Protection
Daily Every 12 hrs Every 6 hours Every hour
Malware Security Scans
Monthly Weekly Daily Hourly
Performance Checks
Monthly Weekly Weekly Daily
Safe Updates
Monthly Weekly Weekly Daily
Uptime Monitoring
Vulnerability Scans
Link Monitor
SEO Keyword Monitoring
10 Keywords 20 Keywords
free Enhanced Website Security
auto Google Analytics Tracking
Premium 24/7 Ticket Support
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WordPress Core

Are you experiencing issues with your WordPress installation or other key issues? The White Screen of Death. Internal Server Error. Error Establishing Database Connection. Incorrect wp-config.php Information. Problems with Your Web Host. Failed Auto-Upgrade. Connection Timed Out. Maintenance Mode Following Upgrade. You Make Changes and Nothing Happens. Pretty Permalinks 404 and Images not Working. Ask our WordPress experts to handle it for you.

WP Premium Catalog

dns redundant

Website evaluation

It can be difficult to get your site indexed on Google and optimise your website. Fortunately, our professionals can handle it.

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Administrative updates

Let us manage the tedious tasks, such as image optimization and redirection setup. That way, you can concentrate on the enjoyable aspects of your life.

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monitoring 24/7/365

Why choose BestKnownHost WordPress Premium Support?

What kinds of activities will our WordPress specialists assist you with? As it turns out, quite a bit.

Premium Support
Theme maintenance

Every WordPress theme requires upkeep, and who wants to do that? Enable our professionals to take care of it.

WordPress development

Do you want to add a plugin to your site? Adjust your config file, perhaps? We took care of it without breaking a sweat.

Database management

Permalinks, MySQL optimization, and connection string fixes are all things to consider. Doesn't that sound like a good time? No way. But we will take care of it for you.

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Meet the passionate, yet pragmatic, folks driving inclusive entrepreneurship.


Rhys Jones

Director of Web
Drives development of best-in-class eCommerce sites, enhancing the customer experience across stores for many of the biggest and most iconic artists in the world. Develops, documentd and configures streamlined UX processes, web guidelines, and procedures. Troubleshoot website issues.

Frankie Coulson

Associate Director of Web Development
Designs, builds, configures back-end functionality including database and server integration. Create well-structured WordPress custom themes and plugins. Conduct website performance tests. Maintain appearance and updates of websites. Troubleshoot WP issues. Creates WordPress plugins to support site functionality and integrations.

Lennque Jones

Front End Developer
Responsible for architecture, build of front-end infrastructure. Designes products and processes to quickly build, test, and maintain new websites, landing pages and forms for clients around the world. Optimises websites for desktop and mobile users.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WP Premium Support?
  • It's a subscription-based service that offers assistance or solutions for WordPress-related problems that arise at any time. It's available 24/7/365.

What are the benefits of WP Premium Support?
  • Mindfulness. Knowing that you can reach out to a WordPress expert at any time to help you solve issues relieves a lot of tension. It will also save you a great deal of time.

Which tasks can WP Premium Support help me with?
Which plan is best for me?
  • That depends on how much assistance you need. Each assignment costs one credit, and we have plans for one, three, five, and ten credits. If you think you'll need more assistance, a higher credit package will save you money.

What is a credit?
  • Regardless of the amount of time it takes, each task from the WP Premium Support catalogue uses one credit. If our developers discover that additional tasks are required to solve a problem, you will be informed and given the opportunity to authorise the use of additional credit.

What happens if I don’t use all of my credits?
  • Regardless of the amount of time spent, each job from the WP Premium Support catalogue costs one credit. You will be informed if additional tasks are required to solve a problem, and you will be given the opportunity to authorise the use of additional credit.

Are there any tasks or sites that fall outside the WP Premium Support scope?
Can WP Premium Support solve my issue even if I am not hosted with BestKnownHost?
  • Yes, indeed. Most hosting companies are covered by our WordPress developers. It is not necessary to use BestKnownHost's hosting services. If your website is not hosted by BestKnownHost, you will be asked to supply the credentials for your account after you start your subscription.

What if I need more help in a month and use all my credits?
  • With a couple of choices, we've got you covered. If you don't think you'll use the extra credits on a regular basis, you can upgrade your plan to the next tier or buy additional credits.