According to a recently published study in the journal Nature, humans have been sharing stories for over 44 thousand years! Today, more stories are being told than ever before. Starting with extraordinary cave drawings – fast forward a few millennia – and the medium has now shifted to an ever-evolving digital world. 

The modern web is noisy and distracting, with promotions, subscription pop-ups, spam, and clickbait running rampant. The data giant Seagate has estimated that by 2025, more than 75% of the worldwide population will connect with data every 18 seconds. While this expansion allows brands to communicate with a large global audience, they now need to figure out how to earn the interest of an audience bombarded with distraction.

The answer? By creating the content that they want. 


Why Creating Personalized Content Matters

The content you create should fall into your niche. To grab attention and keep it, you need to personalize your content to fit the specific audience you’re after. Below are three reasons why this is vital.

It’s Genuine: When you create personalized content, your audience knows it’s genuine. This is precisely what they’re looking for in our era of filters and fakes. Something well-sourced, in-depth, and authentic will be worth their time. Overall, longer content that dives to the core does better than shorter content. 

Algorithms: With the help of algorithms, search engines can track and identify our interests. If your content is personalized to fit your niche, algorithms will pick it up and get it in front of viewers who engage with content. When content marketing is created to cater to specific groups of individuals, it works.

Transparency: Modern-day consumers don’t just engage with brands, they’re interested in knowing or becoming part of a brand’s story. According to polls, more than 50% of consumers expect companies to display their good and bad times by taking public responsibility on social media and being transparent about changes. Doing this through marketing is key to building public trust, even if it takes a little effort. 


Why does Personalized Content Marketing Work for Companies and Consumers?

No matter how you decide to debate about content marketing, one thing is sure: it works. 

Excellent content marketing ensures legitimately engaging viewers. If your marketing is on point, your audience won’t need any convincing that your content needs to be read. They will, in fact, seek it out and enjoy consuming it piece by piece without even realizing that your content is marketing. Those who do won’t mind since they’ll appreciate the goodness your brand shows them to help them make decisions.

Companies benefit financially too. Excellent content marketing helps you reach a bigger audience with a smaller budget. Your audience will start to do the marketing for you. You could also use your content marketing budget towards building consistently engaged audiences organically and voluntarily and earn their loyalty.

Budget-friendly, Google-ready, and easy to actualize methods can pump your SEO. These methods include print magazines, large-scale events, hundreds of blog posts, white papers, and more!


Content Marketing in the 2020s

Times change, and so should marketing strategies. While the game of blogging is a crucial aspect of excellent content marketing, it’s not the name of the game anymore. If your company is only using one platform to reach an audience, it’s missing out on many potential audiences. Today marketing should be dynamic. If you aren’t already, use three or more of the following content marketing methods to engage with your audience:


  • Social Media Posts
  • One-on-one conversations
  • Videos
  • TedTalks
  • Live-streaming
  • Email Campaigns
  • Online Courses
  • Webinars
  • Ebooks
  • Voice search-optimized content
  • Augmented Reality

The scope of content marketing is limitless. However, the goal remains the same. No matter which platforms you choose to use for marketing, you should be dedicated to including all audiences in your brand’s story and building a foundation of trust. 

Approximately 90% of all businesses use content marketing in some form, from industry leaders to small brands. 


Reasons Why Creating Quality Content is Worth It


Technology Evolves

If you want to connect with an evolving customer base, you need to get with the times. The way potential audiences receive, interact with and make decisions about information is ever-changing due to technology. In a 2020 Statista published study, experts projected that more than 7 billion people would own smartphones by 2023. This will allow your content to reach a truly global audience when marketing is done right. 

On average, American adults spend time on multiple content channels for more than 11 hours daily. Your chance to sustain consistent dialogues with existing and potential consumers is at the base of your fingertips.  


Content Marketing Drives Conversions

The conversion rate for content marketing is 2.4% higher than for traditional marketing. On average, it’s responsible for six times more conversations than any other form of marketing. 

Audiences appreciate valuable content that stands out from the rest and actively seek this out, whether B2B or B2C. In fact, approximately 0.8% – 1.1% of content marketing leads to B2B conversions. 

If you want your brand to grab attention, you need to find and focus on your CDF. Your content differentiation factor is your unique take on never-before-seen content. Once you find your CDF, you’re well on your way to greater conversion boosts. 


Save Money and Drive Sales

Content marketing can save you money while boosting your sales! No matter the size of your business, it’s inevitable that you’re constantly looking for ways to save money without compromising value. 

Content marketing can cost up to 62% less than traditional marketing, making this a cost-cutting powerhouse. This outstanding growth surfaced in the past decade of the content marketing realm, and according to Google Trends, content marketing has peaked popularity to a nearly 100% interest. 

With content marketing, you can slash your companies’ marketing budget while pushing sales into overdrive. Subscription-based advertising will help you develop an extensive network of pre-purchase followers. The hope is that they will think of your company first when the time for a purchase comes. 


Final Thoughts

If you’re ready for your business to thrive, you should jump on the content marketing bandwagon now. Developing technology pushes content marketing growth with a steadily growing audience.

All companies should start to make marketing more human. This demonstrates brand value, builds a community, and converts audiences to devoted action-takers. 

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