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If you’re looking to set up a website for your buess blog, or any other online venture, you’ve likely run into the domain name issue- or- what should ex I follow my domain name up with?

For most sites, a .com domain name will be the best fit. It’s the most recognized and well-known URL ex, and most people have learned to assume that a .com ex follows a buess’s website. People might even be able to find you without googling you this way.

But what are the other types of domain names? What is a .com ex in the first place? In this article, we’ll a little about what makes each ex unique and hopefully help you decide which one you want to use.

What Is a .com Domain Name, Exactly?

The .com web ex is the most popular form of web ex by a large margin. Buesses and blogs mainly use it because it is the most recognizable form of web ex in the modern era.

The ex, which means .commercial, was originally intended to be used for commercial purposes online, but has come to be a shorthand for ‘the website’- for example- Dill’s Picke’s is the buess, is the website- and so on.

While there are no specific algorithmic advantages to having a .com ex- meaning no one web domain fares better in results than any other- it’s useful to have a more recognizable, modern domain ex over something more dated, like .net or .org.

So, to sum up, having a .com user name just makes your brand more recognizable and your website more memorable and accessible. There are advantages, but they’re not as evident as one might think.

What Is a .net Domain Name?

A .net ex has no distinct differences from a .com ex. However, if a website domain name you want is taken, you can fill in ‘.net’ for ‘.com’ in the hopes that the .net version of your domain name won’t be taken.

The internet, you may not be surprised to learn, is very oversaturated with these days. Popular domain names for products and buesses- for example, [name]’s[product].com, are usually taken up by another user and have been held for years. Likely, buesses will not be willing to part with these domains, except for a large fee.

A .net ex is such a great in that it helps buess owners skip over this issue and get the domain name they need. While may have been swiped out from under you by another enterprig website owner, may just be available.

That’s not to say that will be just as recognizable as, but you get the . If there’s a domain you’re just ly wedded to, and you can’t shake the disappointment at having to give it up, replacing that .com with a .net can get you what you want without having to pay the price.

What Is a .org Domain Name?

A .org domain name is usually used for organizations and is short for, unsurprigly, dot orginization. Frequently, charities or public organizations, like radio stations or agencies, will take up these domain names.

What this effectively means, though, is that there are a lot of openings for buesses on .org exs. While these exs are commonly used for organizations, .org domain names are for anyone to register and use. Just because you’re not a public organization doesn’t mean you can’t use a .org ex.

Keep in mind the implications of exs, though. Just like how we said .com exs are most commonly used for buesses and products, and .com is associated with those venues- .org exs are most commonly associated with public sites, agencies, and frequently, educational programs- not a good look if you’re trying to put out something fun and interesting like a blog.

So, if you really want that domain name, just like exs, you could probably it. But it’s sometimes harder to push with .org exs because of the connotations that come along with them.

Are There Other Domain Name Exs?

In the world of domain name exs, there’s an infinite number of possibilities. If a .com website for your brand or buess already exists, you could go the alternative route and try anything from .co to .xyz. Just keep in mind that it’s not quite so simple as just starting up a website and flying off to the land of clicks and profits.

For one, alternative domain names like .co or .xyz can often seem a little bit sketchy. They’re sometimes associated with scammers and other untrustworthy sites which prey on people’s data and personal information.

Because of these associations, it’s often much, much harder to push a domain name under an alternative or custom ex. People have a lot of biases about exs going in, even though such a trivial detail might not seem so important. When you’re building your website, make sure to take into account how the domain ex on your domain name affects visitors psychologically.

Lastly, alternative domain exs are a lot less memorable and nearly impossible to guess. Unless you’ve got something like .edu, you’re likely not to get random visitors to your website. To push an alternative ex, you need lots of internet clout.

So, Which Domain Name Ex Should I Use?

In the end, it all depends on your preferences and the ability you have to promote your domain name.

If you’re driven by aesthetics and don’t want to choose a sub-par domain name- say, without your product or buess name in it- then you will likely have to resort to a lesser-used ex- like .net, .org, or any of the infinite alternative exs.

We would recommend you go with .com if you can- just because of the familiarity audiences have with it- but it’s not guaranteed to get you any more clicks than .net or .org.

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