Cloud hosting – it means flexibility and security to those who need it. It’s transparent, scalable, and fast so you know exactly what you’re getting out of your service and how to use it best. For those with larger websites, cloud hosting is definitely one of the best services available.


Leading UK Cloud Hosting Service Providers, Offering Reliable & Flexible Solutions. Get In Touch Today To Bring The Full Benefits Of Managed Cloud To Your Organisation.
Leading UK Cloud Hosting Service Providers, Offering Reliable & Flexible Solutions. Get In Touch Today To Bring The Full Benefits Of Managed Cloud To Your Organisation.


What is Cloud Hosting, Anyway?

Cloud hosting gives you access to whatever servers your host has on hand. So basically, your outsourcing the materials it takes to run a successful website to a company with a lot more overhead.

As long as your host has got space to spare, your website has room to grow.

Cloud hosting is a way for website owners with growing traffic to keep their websites ready for upscaling and changes at the drop of a hat. It is fast, responsive, and easily worth the investment.




What Are the Alternatives?

We wouldn’t recommend everyone move to a cloud hosting service. If you’ve got a service that you love – stay put. The trouble’s not worth it if what you’ve got is servicing you just fine. Cloud hosting is for people who want to gain a little mobility and furnish bigger ambitions.

Still, cloud hosting is one of the best alternatives for those who think they’ve grown out of their old hosting platform. If you’ve got problems with what you’ve got, and need to grow without stressing out your systems, try a cloud hosting service. You’ll be thanking yourself when those new visitors start finding a place on your website seamlessly and without server disruption.

If you’re trying to get greater mobility some other way, you might have heard about utilizing a CDN. However, you can’t really compare this to the ease of use and mobility inherent to a managed cloud hosting system.


Why is Cloud Hosting Good for Me?

Cloud hosting is like having a multi-tool for your business or another website. Dream it – do it. With the room to grow, you can really go anywhere with your online enterprise.

If you need a hosting solution that can handle your growing traffic, you’ve got it in cloud hosting. As you grow, the service a cloud-hosting provider will give you grows as well, so you can host and service as many customers or visitors as you need – no questions asked. This is great for the aspiring business owner or blogger looking to grow.

There are currently big-name streaming companies choosing cloud hosting for all of their hosting needs. So why not you?

Cloud hosting is not, however, entirely a cat-walk. Depending on how big your dreams are for your website, you might need to expand your technical knowledge-base and or choose a managed cloud hosting platform. That being said having a working knowledge of the system your using, though, is a must for anyone looking to host serious traffic online.

Key features of cloud hosting:


  • Applications and solutions are deployed on a cloud network rather than an on-premises, single server.
  • Resources scale to user needs.
  • Organizations only pay for the resources they use.
  • Cloud hosting can support SQL (including MySQL) or NoSQL databases.
  • Solutions are automated and controlled using APIs, web portals, and mobile apps.


All in All

All in all, if you’ve got a website that needs room to expand, you’d be wise to use our cloud-hosting service. Moving to cloud-hosting gives you access to the expansive databases of huge server companies. Essentially, it gives you an ace up your sleeve.

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