For marketing professionals, the rejuvenation of a brand’s untold story is an exceedingly satisfying . During the first step of this , it is possible that your brain gets flooded by thoands of ideas that help you picture your brand’s success and its impact on people who slowly come to know about it. 

But before you delve deeper into the creative side of this , let remember that the aim of your brand identity cannot be fulfilled without:

  • The story of your brand
  • The design toolkit of your brand
  • The template collection of your brand

Keeping the above-mentioned components in mind one could eventually reach a brand’s ambition. Through this guide, we shall discs the e of the design tool called Over by Godaddy which is available to + Marketing ctomers for free of cost to create a story for a developing brand.

Brand Story

The biggest challenge for professionals these s who are working on a new brand’s story is overcoming the crowded marketplace. With countless new binesses, it is tough to stand out as a unique and y brand. Try picturing the competitive marketplace as a playground. Design often acts as a eful element for grabbing attention over social media channels. Over offers branding tools to its ers that ease the design and make it fast, enjoyable, and stress-free.

There are two things that help new biness identify their voice in an online branding scenario:


Keeping in mind that why is it needed and what would it do for others in the world?


The uniqueness of the brand and why should people choose it over other alternatives.

Determining a brand’s identity sts with developing its story. A story should not jt describe the origin of a brand but also it is “vision” that tells people more about their goals. In case there are times when your biness journey seems too overwhelming, remembering this vision could clear your head with re-fueled motivation.

A brand’s story has to be genuine becae originality is an extremely favorable attribute these s. Brand managing director of Godaddy Matt Riley says that it has always been an advantage that research has shown to be eful for brands too. This means that marketing campaigns could be even more rewarding if your consumers in your brand’s authenticity.

Matt also points that there are 4 types of truth to build a lasting and original story about your brand’s journey which are explained below:

Own truth

This one tells about the original product, service, or company aspect that serves as the foundation of your story.

Other’s truth

The demand of your audience which your brand is aiming to satisfy. This truth is responsible for connecting your brand with its audience. 

Moment’s truth

Any significant cae or event in your culture that you can support or challenge in the near future.

Mission’s truth

Keeping aside the fact of profiting from your service or product, why else is your brand doing what it does?

The collective response to these above-mentioned truths is what actually frames your brand story in a statement that mentions your unique selling point.

Let understand this with an imaginary brand “Acacia”

Own truth

Acacia is an eco-friendly brand that is a member of 1% for the planet.

Other’s truth

Modern consumers can have a stainable impact with things they do and e daily.

Moment’s truth

Notable concerns over eco-friendliness to safeguard people and the planet.

Mission’s truth

To do its p in shaping a world where people live harmonioly with .

Each of these truths shapes Acacia’s strategically-made storyline. This statement brings out the simplicity of Acacia’s brand and presents it as an all-natural beauty brand whose purpose is nobler than selling face lotions to its consumers.

Try Godaddy’s product Over to make your first design such as a basic poster with your brand’s story. You can print it for home or office to enjoy the positive vibes that encourage you to work harder.

Having your own unique brand story, one can proceed with developing plans on how to boost your online branding and give your brand a personal touch. A few s can go a long way to visualize ideas and serve as guidance.

Try creating your brand’s own vision before ing the identity toolkit to finalize your brand’s unique fonts, graphic styles, and colors. Simply go for elements that speak to you on a spiritual level and never underestimate your instincts. in yourself and begin visualizing and organizing ideas.

Now you are ready to go on a brand-identifying journey equipped with a unique story, a noble vision, and your creativity.

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