When starting a blog several factors need to be considered. Even beginners need to think about how they expect their blog to grow and how to plan for that growth. Small and new bloggers also need to consider what they expect from their web hosting server and what their abilities are.

Before choosing what web hosting server you’ll use for your blog, you will need to ask yourself about your budget and how you plan to upgrade your blog when the time comes. You will also want to consider how reliable the server is, having a blog down for any length of time will not help your blog grow.

Server Reliability

Though it’s not a factor that many people think about before starting a blog, having a reliable server is an important part of running a website. After all, your blog can’t grow if people can’t access it. A site being down for even a few minutes can be a factor in people choosing to visit another site.

Before choosing a web hosting provider you will want to check their uptime score. Anything less than 99% uptime means that it’s unreliable and should not be used for hosting your blog. An uptime score of 99% means that the hosting service has a strong network and powerful hardware.

Upgrade Options

As blogs grow, you will likely consider changes to what your blog offers and your blog’s bandwidth options. You will want a hosting service that grows with your blog and allows for more visitors to read your blog when they discover it.

Many web hosting services operate from a shared hosting system where multiple sites are hosted in one server. This will work for most blogs and sites starting since your blog won’t need that much power. As your blog grows, you may want to consider different servers that can meet the needs of your blog, including private and cloud servers.

Cost and Upkeep Fees

All web hosting services expect beginners’ fees and costs to keep hosting your site on that server. Most beginner’s fees are low and the renewal fees cost more, this is an industry-standard. Most web hosting services expect to make more money on the renewal fees.

When looking at web hosting services, you’ll want to find one that fits your budget while still providing high-quality service. Many people using a web hosting service for the first time will use a shared hosting plan because it’s reliable and inexpensive. As your blog needs change, so can your budget.


When finding a web hosting service for your blog or site you will need to think about several factors. Among the most important, though often overlooked, is ensuring that the service has reliable service so that people can always visit your blog. The service should also be flexible or able to change its hosting abilities to accommodate how your blog grows. It is also important to find a reliable service that fits your budget.

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